Utility Companies

A Partnership For Progress

home warranty for utility companies

Every year it becomes more challenging for small city, county and rural utility companies to compete with the increased competition from larger utility conglomerates. Offering customers an Appliance Protection Plan from Home Warranty Inc. is a unique opportunity for you to broaden your appeal to consumers.

Home Warranty, Inc. will work directly with your utility company to custom design an appliance protection plan that fits the way you do business.


  • Handles the marketing and sales of the Appliance Protection Plan for your company
  • Provides the infrastructure and logistics associated with administering the Plan
  • Provides your company with a monthly statement to reconcile with your accounting department
  • Pays a percentage of each sale to your company, simply for adding this service to current energy offerings
  • Gives your utility customers direct access to Home Warranty Inc. for all claims, eliminating your role in the repair and replacement process
  • Provides cash incentives to your customers, just for trying the Appliance Protection Plan
  • Covers 19 types of appliances and mechanical systems
  • If coverage is billed as a line item on your monthly customer statements, we provide your company with a monthly statement to reconcile with your accounting department

Please contact us if you would like Home Warranty, Inc. to present our program to your organization, or provide more details on what it can do for your business. If you would like to review the program immediately, download our Appliance Protection Plan brochure, and take a look at what we can offer your utility customers.