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A home warranty is a service contract that covers the repairs and replacements necessary to restore the appliances and mechanical systems in your home to normal operating condition. When you call our toll-free number, we will send a service technician out to take care of the problem.

Our standard Home Protection Plan covers the primary heating unit, primary cooling unit (air conditioner), air exchanger, ductwork, interior plumbing, interior electrical wiring, water heater, sump pump, garage door opener, garbage disposal, trash compactor, central vacuum, built-in microwave oven, range/oven/cook top, dishwasher, refrigerator, washer, and dryer.

You can also purchase optional coverage on the Buyer Premium Upgrade, pool and spa equipment, well pump, water softener, plumbing stoppages, ice maker, stand-alone freezer, or more than one of the appliances listed in the standard coverage (e.g. if you have two washers or two furnaces).

NEW FOR 2016: Now Unknown Pre-Existing Conditions (UPEC) are covered for buyers upon satisfactory inspection by a qualified home inspector. A copy of the home inspection must be received by Home Warranty within 30 days of closing in order to qualify. In limited circumstances, UPEC may be purchased for homes that have not been inspected. At no time will foreclosed, bank-owned, repossessed, REO, or homes vacant more than 90 days qualify for UPEC coverage. Click here for a complete copy of our brochure. Refer to the contract for specific coverages, terms, conditions, limitations, exemptions, and state-specific information.

Some common exemptions are KNOWN pre-existing conditions (or unknown pre-existing conditions in homes that do not qualify for the coverage), appliances already covered by manufacturer’s warranty or recall notice, cosmetic and non-operational repairs (e.g. noise, corrosion), repairs resulting from owner’s negligence, acts of God, or situations beyond what could reasonably be considered normal usage (e.g. fire, lightning, pet/pest damage), defects caused by mildew/mold/rot/fungus/moisture, and damage to walls, floors, and ceilings. Our contract is meant to cover the “wear and tear” gap in your homeowner’s insurance policy, not to duplicate homeowner’s insurance coverage or a manufacturer’s warranty. Refer to the contract for specific coverages, terms, conditions, limitations, exemptions, and state-specific information.

Home Warranty, Inc. claim representatives refer pre-existing condition situations to our service expert who reviews home inspection information (if available) and then confers with the service provider to determine if a condition is pre-existing. Items that have never worked for the homeowner, items that are identified as faulty in previous repair calls or by the home inspector, or items that were not plugged in or turned on at the time of inspection or during the listing period are all at high risk of being pre-existing conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the home seller’s responsibility to ensure that the appliances are working at the time of sale, the home inspector’s responsibility to verify that the appliances are working at the time of inspection, and Home Warranty, Inc.’s responsibility to maintain the appliances in working condition from the closing until the end of the warranty period.

No, we cover the appliances and mechanical systems without regard their age or the age of the home. We do, however, require that the appliance be in normal operating condition at the time your home warranty coverage commences and properly maintained by the home owner thereafter.

A unique feature of Home Warranty's Home Protection Plan is that there is no square foot limitation on the covered home. Keep in mind, however, that larger homes often have more than one heating or cooling system and/or a second kitchen or utility room, in which case optional coverages would need to be purchased for the duplicate appliances and/or mechanical systems. Refer to the “What is covered” section for more information.

Home Warranty can provide home warranties to customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Texas.

We will be expanding to other states in the future.

Our 6 months of free listing coverage is available to home sellers that want to list their home with a home warranty in an effort to shorten the time the home is on the market AND increase the purchase price of the home. The home seller can decide whether to include the home warranty in the final contract based on whether the home seller feels the offer on his or her home is enough to merit the inclusion of the warranty. If the home seller decides NOT to include the warranty, the warranty cancels and no money is owed, even if there have been claims paid under the warranty (where allowed by state law).

The home seller can contact Home Warranty to extend the listing coverage for another 6 months but will be required to pay $100. If the seller has heating and cooling coverage (Seller HVAC), he or she may pay an additional $75 to extend the Seller HVAC coverage in addition to extending the regular listing coverage for $100.

Alternatively, coverage may also be allowed to go dormant on the listing and reactivated at closing but the seller takes responsibility for any claims during the dormant period.

In certain circumstances, listing coverage may be extended AT NO COST but would require the purchase of the warranty after one full year or upon closing, whichever occurs first.

The home MUST still be actively listed for sale in order to continue listing coverage on the home. Please contact us for more information.

Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling (HVAC) coverage is optional under the free listing coverage and is granted for free (up to 6 months or until closing, whichever occurs first) upon satisfactory inspection by a qualified heating and cooling professional. Please call us to arrange for the pre-inspection on your heating and cooling systems. We strongly recommend pursuing the HVAC coverage as over half of the claims we process are related to these systems.

Typically the home seller will purchase the warranty for the buyer but the buyer, the real estate agent, or any third party can also purchase the warranty.

The warranty is paid for at the time of closing and can be invoiced from the title company as requested.

A home inspection is strongly encouraged as a way to know what you are buying and to show confidence in the property you are selling. However, we do not require a home inspection in order to obtain a home warranty.

One of the unique features of the Home Warranty Home Protection Plan is that you have flexibility of choice on the service company used to complete your repair or replacement. If we have a Preferred Service Provider in your area, they will do the initial diagnostics and provide a repair or replacement estimate. You then have a choice to use the Preferred Service Provider to complete the repair or replacement, or you can use another service provider to complete the repair or replacement (but they will be subject to the same repair estimate as supplied in the original diagnosis). In areas where we do not have a Preferred Service Provider, we will work with you to find a reputable service company to complete the repair or replacement. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to contact a servicer or complete a repair without calling us first. Doing so will result in the claim being ineligible for coverage under the terms of the warranty.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 877-977-4949 and refer to your agreement number that was on your welcome letter, or that you transferred to the magnet that came with your welcome packet. You must contact us before service work is performed as we reserve the right to discuss repair options with your service provider.

There is a $75 service fee due at the time of service and payable to your service provider. If you choose to use our Preferred Service Provider, he or she will bill us directly for the remaining amount of your repair bill. If you choose to use your own service provider who is not one of our Preferred Service Providers, you pay the total cost of the repair to the service provider, then submit your repair bill to Home Warranty for reimbursement (less the $75 service fee).

No, as long as the warranty is currently active, Home Warranty will provide claim service on all covered mechanical systems and appliances as outlined in our brochure. Please refer to the contract for specific coverages, terms, conditions, limitations, exemptions, and state-specific information.

If your appliance is not repairable, we give you the equivalent dollar value of a new comparable replacement item as determined by Home Warranty (an equivalent replacement item does not indicate an exact match of specific brands, colors, finishes, dimensions, features, or efficiencies). If you would rather upgrade your appliance, the additional amount for the upgrade is paid by you (e.g. replacing a standard refrigerator with a refrigerator that has an icemaker and water dispenser).

We are responsible to restore your appliance to normal operating condition. If you would rather take the dollar amount we would have spent on the repair and apply that dollar amount, instead, toward replacing the appliance, you may do so.

Another unique feature of our warranty! On the standard list of items covered, there are no pre-set dollar limitations on the cost of repair.

If the entire annual premium was paid up front, the warranty is good for one year from the start date, unless multiple years are purchased are selected and paid for at contract inception. If paid for at a real estate closing, the payment must be received within 15 calendar days in order for the original start date to be honored. If the payment is received after 15 calendar days, the warranty start date will be revised to the date that the payment was received.

If the warranty is paid on a monthly payment plan, the warranty continues for the number of months in which the warranty payment is drafted. In the event that automatic payment plan is canceled or payments are returned for insufficient funds, the warranty expires as of the due date of the payment. Payments to reinstate coverage will be allowed for up to 30 days without gaps in coverage. Reinstatement payments received after 30 days will result in a 30 day waiting period.

Please note that in the event that the warranty is ordered under a promotional program, the minimum commitment for warranty coverage is 12 months.

With underwriting approval, YES! Many of our customers choose to renew because they know how valuable a home warranty is. You can choose to renew for another year or for a multiple of years AND we offer monthly draft or annual payment options for your convenience.

In addition to the Home Protection Plan, Home Warranty offers an “a la carte” Appliance Protection Plan that allows you to choose the appliances and/or mechanical systems that you wish to cover. Please see our latest brochure for details.