Seller Home Protection Plan

Increase The Value of Your Home – And Sell it Faster

picture of our seller home protection plan

Our Home Protection Plan for sellers provides an added incentive to potential buyers. You can have no-obligation coverage during the listing of your home (up to 6 months), and depending on the purchase offer, you can decide whether or not to make the warranty a permanent condition of the sale.

Our plan affords you with peace of mind and budget protection against untimely and expensive repairs during the listing of your home. It also offers you liability protection after the sale.


  • Covers nearly 35 appliances and mechanical systems
  • Increases the value of your home, makes it more marketable, and sells it faster
  • Allows you to decide whether or not to purchase the warranty after an offer is presented; and extends payment due until the close of the sale
  • Provides liability protection after the sale of your home
  • Offers optional HVAC coverage for you during the listing period, upon completion of a satisfactory inspection by a qualified heating and cooling professional.*

An industry leader in value, flexibility and convenience, our plan is rapidly becoming the plan of choice wherever we do business. Compare our plan to others, and see for yourself why we call it the best value in home warranty.

*Please call us to arrange for the pre-inspection of your heating and cooling systems, or forward a copy of an inspection not over 30 days old.