HVAC Pre-Inspection FAQ

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We need to go over the minimum testing necessary for the professional HVAC contractor to complete, in order to certify a client’s HVAC systems. In addition, because of the volume of business we provide to our Preferred Service Companies, many of them are giving a discount on the pre-inspection pricing.

You can use a contractor other than our recommended contractor as long as A) the contractor is employed by a heating and cooling company B) the contractor is not related to the homeowners and C) the contractor provides the minimum level of testing as outlined in our inspection report.

The homeowner/seller is responsible for paying the pre-inspection fee.

No. The pre-inspection must be done by a professional heating and cooling contractor. Oftentimes, the home inspectors are only able to note whether a system appears functional but do not run a pressure test or do any visual inspection on heat exchangers.

Your homeowner is responsible for correcting the problem or negotiating with the buyer to split the cost of returning the system or units to safe operating conditions.

The system would still need to be repaired before coverage can be provided on that system.

The pre-inspection is designed only to determine whether the units are in normal operating condition. The contractor may recommend routine maintenance and cleaning while he or she is inspecting the system, and should the homeowner elect to have any maintenance and cleaning performed, the homeowner would be responsible for the additional costs.

Home Warranty maintains a list of reputable and qualified heating and cooling contractors with whom we have had prior experience.

This would eliminate any possible gaps in coverage, in which the question of “When did the problem occur?” would become an issue (i.e. it eliminates the possibility of claim denial, due to the pre-existing conditions exclusion in the contract).

The Seller may continue HVAC coverage for additional months but there may be an additional charge depending on the claim history of the property. Please contact us at 877-977-4949 to discuss your options.

Please submit a copy of the inspection or the name of the servicer. The minimum level of testing must have been complete and the inspection may not be over 30 days to qualify.