Pre-Existing Conditions

Home Warranty eliminates the two most dreaded words in the home warranty industry: pre-existing conditions.

Your sellers can receive free coverage (up to 6 months) on their heating and air conditioning systems during the listing of their home, upon a satisfactory HVAC inspection by a professional heating and air conditioning contractor.

Your buyers will not have a heating and cooling claim denied due to pre-existing conditions, if continuous warranty coverage is provided until closing. That’s right…we’ll put that guarantee in writing!

Minimum conditions do apply:

1. Notify us first to schedule a systems inspection. If we do not have a Preferred Service Company in     your area, we will send an inspection checklist to your selected contractor.

2. The inspection must not be more than 30 days old.

3. The professional heating and cooling contractor is from a heating and air conditioning company.

4. The following tests (at a minimum) must be performed by a professional heating and cooling     contractor:

For gas and oil fired heating systems:
• Sealed combustion chambers – a pressure test and monometer reading.
• Non sealed system – combustion gas analyzer test, PPM reading and a visual inspection of the flame   pilot and heat exchanger. Tests must be conducted with the blower running.

For air conditioning systems:
• If outside temp is 60 degrees or above – a complete performance test.
• If outside temp is below 60 degrees but above 45 degrees – a start up test and check of the high and   low sides.
• If outside temp is 45 degrees or below – a pressure test.