Service Companies

A Valuable Partnership With Your Warranty Company

picture of our home warranty for service companies

Home Warranty sets itself apart from other warranty companies in the value it can provide for its service partners. As the head of service, our co-founder – an independent repair company owner and technician with over 25 years of experience – is the primary contact for all of our service partners.

Our strong leadership, high service standards, and quality reputation are only a few of the many reasons why you should consider becoming one of our Preferred Service Companies.


  • Permits most work to be completed without prior authorization, allowing for more efficient service to the customer
  • Provides flexible payment options; you many choose to be paid per service slip, or monthly, by submitting a detailed statement including all repair work completed
  • Utilizes your current billing system, eliminating additional paperwork
  • Promotes and protects your company’s reputation, as each of our partners have to meet high quality standards of service and workmanship
  • Presents an opportunity to add more dollars to your bottom line each month by marketing (either directly or by referral) our Appliance Protection Plan to your independent customers – who will receive a $50 rebate off of their current service bill simply for trying our program!

Offering an Appliance Protection Plan from Home Warranty may solidify your reputation as a strong provider and enhance the quality of the services that you provide for your valued customers. Enroll today to become one of our Preferred Service Companies and start taking advantage of our program!