Stop Reducing The Price of Your Listings!

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Before you reduce the price on your listings, stop and consider this…

You and your seller can offer up to 10 years of home warranty coverage to a potential buyer and keep more money in your sellers’ pocket than if you reduced the price of the listing by $10,00 – $15,000.

We offer anywhere from 1 to 10 years of our premier Home Protection Plan coverage locked in at current prices.

That means:

  • The home buyer would have repairs and replacements on more than 18 major home appliances and mechanical systems covered for the number of years purchased.
  • The homeowner could transfer the remaining warranty to the next home buyer with no risk of pre-existing conditions if he or she sells before the contract period expires!
  • The seller can negotiate the number of years of warranty purchased based on the offer price.
  • You can really make your multi-year warrantied listings stand out by while your competitors are only offering one year of protection, if any!
  • Your seller can get an offer closer to listing price, meaning more money in their pocket.
  • You, then, get more money in commission on the sale!

Sample Pricing by Number of Years Purchased:

1 Year – $425
5 Years – $2,125
10 Years – $4,250

Call or email us today to find out more or to order (free of charge) multi-year rider signs for homes listed with 5 or 10 years of Home Protection Plan coverage from Home Warranty, Inc.!

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